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Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery

at Ley House Farm, Worth, near Crawley

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Forthcoming Matches

Sunday 29 October 2023 - Faulkners Match on Woodpeckers Lake
Sunday 5 November 2023 - ASH Match on Woodpeckers Lake
Sunday 3 December 2023 - Faulkners Match on Woodpeckers Lake

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Latest News and Information

Site updated 6th October 2023.

Please note that Woodpeckers Fishery will be closed for maintenance from Monday 18 to Tuesday 26 December 2023 inclusive.

PLEASE READ !! We are sorry but we currently do NOT have facilities to accept payment by cards. Kindly ensure you are able to pay by cash, please.

PLEASE READ !! We are sorry but we no longer sell drinks or bait.



This beautiful, popular water has 30 pegs. Very well stocked with a large selection of species.



For something a little different, fish off one of our bridge-linked islands.





A small, fun fishing water ideal for children.

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Welcome to Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery at Ley House Farm, Worth, near Crawley

Back in 1982, David Lucas decided to dig a pond. He persuaded some good mates, hired an excavator and set about a small swampy area on his brother-in-law's farm. At the time, David was working as a garden contractor and tree surgeon, and quickly begged, stole and borrowed plants, shrubs and cuttings from anyone who looked like a suitable donor to his project. Before long, the grass grew back, the new plants took root and started to grow, the pond filled with water – and suddenly, David was admiring his handy work. And quite rightly so. This project became known as Old Pond, which later became Penny's Pond.

Today, Penny's Pond is home to a selection of wildlife including the many fish who feed as readily as piranha.

Not satisfied with the one pond, it was only a matter of time before David (who was by now living on the farm with Dianne) and friends including Nigel Firth decided it would be fun to make another pond – only a bit bigger.

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Woodpeckers Fishery is a Family-Run Business

David and Dianne Lucas (and our Dalmatians) warmly welcome both regular and new anglers to our friendly fishery.

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Will it be fine?

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Our Business Hours

We are open from 7am until sunset.

Woodpeckers Fishery
Old Hollow
Worth, Near Crawley
West Sussex, RH10 4TA
T: 01293 886598 / E: fish@woodpeckersfishery.co.uk

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Woodpeckers Coarse Fishery at Ley House Farm, Worth, near Crawley

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